Telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the past decade, with India being the Second largest in the world in the recently released data by TRAI. With recession hitting every industry resulting in huge Job losses across various industries, Telecom is one of the few industry which always saw an increase of demand for human resource in spite of reverse trend being reported across other industries.

While huge demand of human resources in Telecom can be attributed to the growth of industry, the primary unhighlighted reason is the non availability of structured hands on training in Telecom. While we see scores of desperate Recruitment advertisements for Telecom Engineers with experience in every Job Sites & Newspapers, you will rarely find advertisement offering training in Telecom industry.  

It is another example of Hen Or Egg First story. While every company wants experienced engineers and none willing to invest Time & Money on developing Human resources raises a huge question. Who will bell the CAT? Who will bridge the Gap?

TIVT (Trust Institute Of Vocational Training) is an offshoot of Trust Marketing with 30 years of standing in Telecom Industry is bridging this gap in a smallest of small level offering a hands on training for aspiring students on a no cost basis successfully for the past 3 years. We have a 100% placement record so far with all of them placed across India with the starting salary between 12,000/- to 15,000/- creating an opportunity to touch 30,000/- in less than 2 years. Salary figures quoted are demand based on Telecom Dealers requirement, which may get doubled if you land with an Indian Corporate job opportunity or even tripled if it is an Abroad opportunity which normally happens after 2 – 3 years  of field experience.